• After first entering the awards arena over ten years ago, we’re proud to say that our clients have been consistently recognised for their excellence in reporting. From the Investor Relations Society Best Practice Awards, through to the Corporate and Financial Awards, we’re proud of all of our clients' achievements.

  • Gold for the Online Report and Bronze for the Printed Report at the Corporate and Financial Awards 2020

    Halfords launched its new Group strategy ‘to inspire and support a lifetime of motoring and cycling’. This annual report was to be the first to report against this brand-new strategy, communicating their differentiated position within the market and discussing their future horizons.

    The main aim of this year’s report was to provide a concise overview of how their competitive advantage is sustainable in the short, medium and long term, providing their stakeholders with long-lasting value. Their embedded culture is also presented using the ‘Our Colleagues’ section of the report, discussing how Halfords consistently interacts with all of their stakeholders.

    A detailed marketplace section outlines some of the key trends within the sector, while also showcasing Halfords' unique position in comparison to competitors, and how they are able to capitalise on these trends. Key case studies are also provided, to bring their progress against each of their strategic pillars to life. 

    Engaging visual elements, such as bar charts, pie charts and infographics, are used to provide a holistic view of their performance. 

    The report is accessible online and as a printed document, with the online version adding interactive and engaging features, and linking directly to further information on their main corporate website.

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  • Won an award for the communication of their Investment Proposition at the IR Society Best Practice Awards

    Ocado’s shift from online grocer to technology-led global solutions provider is showcased throughout this year's report, highlighting the company's evolving proposition and dynamic nature, including the joint venture with Marks and Spencer.

    The report focuses on their evolving competencies and how they are developing their capabilities. Their 19-year journey is also communicated, detailing their rich technology estate and innovative assets that are a source of competitive advantage.

    Complex financial disclosure was described under three themes: yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday communicates past segmentation and performance; today displays and explains all current figures; and tomorrow gives investors and analysts an understanding of how figures may be shaped in the future. 

    The ‘Group at a Glance’ section captures their positioning as a technology-led global software and robotics platform and solutions business with a strong grocery retail heritage. The joint venture with Marks and Spencer was introduced and backed up with a Q&A with the Chief Executive, in which the impact of the fire at Andover was also discussed, along with the effective scaling of the business and the investments outside of grocery. 

    The report was published on the day of announcement, so lots of work went into the planning and management of the project in order to achieve deadlines.

  • Awarded Silver at the Corporate and Financial Awards and IR Society Best Practice Awards for their use of Digital Communications

    Within this year's report, Henry Boot wanted to place a focus onto their purpose and vision, and showcase the Group’s long-term value generation for a number of stakeholders. The Annual Report links with their wider communications strategy allowing the Group to define its purpose, vision and strategic framework.

    Not only is this communicated through the printed document, but key messages have been translated into an online year in review, which focuses on their updated strategy and culture.

    ‘The Henry Boot Way’ details the Group's culture, showcasing the relationship between their purpose and vision, and linking this directly to strategy and values.

    Each business segment is linked to the Group’s strategy and KPIs. The business model covers both operational and financial perspectives, and the business segments are intrinsically linked in a way that generates recurring and cyclical revenue, while also clearly articulating Henry Boot’s operations with a value chain composing of inputs and outputs.

    The report effectively communicates their strategy, while also linking to the segmental strategy, providing a sense of unity throughout the Group. As a result, employees have a greater understanding of their role and how their work contributes to the Group’s continued success.

    The ‘Dashboard’ section links the strategy to their risks and KPIs, providing a holistic view of Henry Boot’s objectives and performance. By showcasing the Group’s purpose, the company’s external image and ethos were promoted and protected, along with employee engagement and staff recruitment being strengthened. Despite the difficulties of a tough year with the pandemic, the Group delivered a concise, transparent and high-quality report.

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  • Awarded Bronze for their Online Report at the Corporate and Financial Awards

    Trifast’s people are integral to the business and, as such, the Annual Report is as much an internal engagement tool as it is a reporting requirement. The report looked to outline the investment proposition clearly and report against the current Group strategy and performance.

    Their people are featured heavily throughout the report, from the leadership through to operational levels. The ‘World of Trifast’ has its own dedicated section, sitting alongside a clear business model and global marketplace, outlining capabilities, opportunities, innovation and product development. 

    The report features various stakeholders, looking at how the company is meeting their needs, and the relevance of the strategy is reinforced through performance commentary and case studies. 

    Infographics are used throughout the report to connect key chapters and establish a clear line of sight. KPIs are linked to strategic themes and the overall Strategic Report and Governance sections are connected seamlessly within this year’s report, aligning performance with reward.

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  • Highly Commended for their Online Report at the Corporate and Financial Awards

    The 2020 Annual Report signalled the transition into the new regulatory period. With this, the integrated report focused on enhancing sections specifically related to the company’s competitive advantages and work with stakeholders.

    The theme of ‘Delivering our purpose’ runs throughout the report. With a dedicated section outlining each stakeholder group, related material issues and engagement level for each, the company demonstrated its commitment to reporting stakeholder engagement.

    Similarly, the culture and ESG considerations and activities are overtly mapped out and linked to several key sustainability frameworks, which ensures the content is clear and accessible for the audience. 

    With both a printed and online report available, the company’s brand, activities and dedication to ESG and their stakeholders demonstrates the value that they add in through a number of channels. 

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  • Awarded a Highly Commended for their corporate website at the Corporate and Financial Awards

    Inland Homes’ activities have diversified in recent years to maximise market opportunities. The Group now provides asset management services to third-party investors and builds the majority of homes it delivers for private sale and partner organisations. This change has been communicated consistently within the Annual Report, but it was important that the website also reflects this progression and clearly communicates the Group’s proposition.

    Following visual updates to the brand, the goal of the website was to ensure that the content was accessible, engaging and informative in presenting the company’s strategy of creating long-term value. 

    With clear links from the homepage, users can easily navigate around the website to key pages, such as developments and the company’s business model. The inclusion of the ‘Reporting Period Highlights’ page provides an overview of the results from the Annual Report, and communicates the company’s strengths and ability to facilitate long-term value creation.

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  • Awarded a Highly Commended at the Corporate and Financial Awards for their Online Report

    Digital Catapult is the UK's leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, driving the early adoption of digital technologies to make the UK economy more competitive and productive, and the online Annual Report needed to reflect Digital Catapult's technological focus.

    The main aspect of the report was to showcase the company’s capabilities, its impact around the UK, the industries it focuses on and technologies that it helps to grow and support. Functionality allowed key areas of the content to be highlighted within the report, and ensured that the content was accessible and engaging for the user. 

    The recently refreshed brand was implemented throughout the design to ensure that it sat as part of a suite of their wider communications, but also signalled that it was a standalone report.

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  • Awarded Silver for their Corporate Website at the Corporate and Financial Awards

    Futura Medical’s corporate brand had, over many years, merged to be perceived as a product brand. The basis of this misrepresentation focused on one particular product within their portfolio. When this product wasn’t commercialised, it was assumed that it was unsuccessful, reflecting on the brand as a whole, with the rest of their innovative pipeline being ignored.

    As a result, Futura Medical wanted to change perceptions and showcase their entire pipeline. So, their corporate website was the first to be updated to reflect this shift, communicating their long-term strategy in continuing to develop their portfolio.

    Research on stakeholders provided an understanding of their information requirements on the website. From this, user journeys were developed, ensuring that the information is at their fingertips and accommodated to all stakeholders browsing the site. 

    The portfolio development is a key focus for the website, discussing the breadth of the company’s research and development. By using seamless functionality on the site, the company’s proposition, purpose, and operations showcase their innovative nature. 

    The new site clearly showcases their new branding, communicating who they are and what they stand for, supported by clear and concise messaging that prevents any further misconceptions.

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